Ansarada Data Room

Companies that delay moving workflows to the cloud are losing the business benefits they could gain: becoming more efficient, flexible, and more customer-focused.

Virtual technologies for secure business operations

Recently, even people far from the business have begun to notice a certain economic trend associated with the growth of services provided. Strict laws of our world and the desire to increase production efficiency determine the actions of market participants. Globalization and the rapid development of information technology, in turn, allow us to expand the range of available services and provide them more and more efficiently.

Today cloud services like Virtual Data Room provide a competitive advantage because companies can use the latest technology, scale hardware capacity to suit their needs, customize applications, and access cloud services from anywhere with Internet access.

The cloud, along with encryption and API keys, can securely protect data. And even hardware failures do not lead to loss of information, because in this case there is always a backup. In addition, users can develop various applications directly in the cloud environment, without investing huge amounts of money in the “iron”.

About Ansarada Data Room

Ansarada Digital Data Room is a cloud-based solution that supports companies in mergers and acquisitions, deal management, information exchange, and collaboration with key functions such as auditing, data protection, data storage, document preview, engagement scoring, and project management.

It is an artificial intelligence-based platform that helps companies, and enables administrators to track, control, and delete documents from anywhere inside or outside of Data Rooms, thus ensuring security and compliance throughout the company.

 Ansarada Virtual Data Room offers a bidding platform with ready-made paths to prepare and accelerate acquisitions, divestitures, fundraising, IPOs, and other important business processes. Real-time reporting dashboards enable users to gain insights into business, customers, and activity and predict emerging trends to improve business strategy. In addition, companies can use the tendering platform to secure access, collaboration, and evaluation of tendering projects.

The Ansarada API enables companies to automate workflows, access documents, and export data through incorporation with third-party software such as Luminance, Kira Systems, and CRIISP. The product is available as a monthly or annual subscription. Support is provided through documentation, chat, phone, and other resources.

What are the benefits?

To ensure the security of information, Ansarada Data Room has the following advantages:

  • specialized staff: cloud provider, as a large organization, to ensure cloud security hires specialists in the field of information security, which allows employees to focus solely on security, achieve a high level of security possible to achieve in a small organization;
  • centralized management, security system configuration, and audit;
  • platform stability: the hardware and software of the platform, on which the cloud is deployed more evenly than in most traditional data centers, which allows better automation of security, testing, and error correction activities in the components of the platform;
  • availability of resources: the ability to dynamically scale system resources, as well as redundancy and disaster recovery, which can be used to increase the resilience of the system against attacks such as “denial of service”, as well as rapid recovery after major incidents;
  • backup and recovery: the cloud service provider may allow a higher level of backup and recovery than that provided by traditional data centers, as well as ensure the storage of backups on demand;
  • data concentration: the use of the cloud as the only place to store and process data, in some cases, increases security than the storage of data scattered on laptops, embedded devices, or stored on removable media.